The Team

The Partners

Geert G.R. Lenssens

Geert G.R. Lenssens is leading partner in the Brussels based law firm SQ .He is co founder – former director and active member of the network LNA (London) and member of the commission litigation of the UIA (Paris) .As an experienced lawyer he has a + 30 year expertise in national and international litigation and he also has a long expertise as a Deputy Judge (Commercial Court ) and as a business mediator. This experience results in an exceptional expertise creating a three – dimensional view on legal issues. His law practice areas include all types of banking, insurance, corporate and commercial claims, as well as mass actions and class actions in which he successfully recovered considerable compensations for his clients (companies or consumers) or protected companies from liability issues. He is widely considered as an expert on fraud, assisting his clients discretely to prevent fraud, to discover fraud, or to recover after fraud. Geert G.R. Lenssens is the driven type of lawyer with ADR in mind and considering the strategy and the psychological approach to be as important as the legal approach in order to create the best solutions and results for his clients. Geert has been involved in some of the largest mass claims against big companies such as the Dieselgate case, the LHSP case, the Citibank case, the Delta Lloyd case, the Fortis case, the ARCO case and the Dexia case, representing thousands of claimants. He deals with all aspects of contentious and non-contentious work and advises companies and their boards often on a permanent but discrete basis. Geert is a member of the Brussels Bar, member of the B – Mediation Institute in Brussels specialized in international arbitration and mediation and member of GJN. Geert is also member of the Cercle Lorraine Business Club in Brussels and various other national and international institutions and organisations. He is also author of a non fiction book on international fraud, a publicist in newspapers and magazines and as such an opinion maker. 

Nathalie Buisseret

Nathalie Buisseret was admitted to the Brussels bar in 1993. She has a profound specialization in criminal law in the broad sense. She assists victims as well as suspects in all stages of the criminal procedure from the investigation-phase to the defence before the criminal courts until the Cour de Cassation and this both in French and Dutch language.

She is known for her hands on, no non-sense and smart approach and for highlighting the humane aspects in every case. She has pleaded is some of the most important and notoriuous criminal cases in Belgium, including almost 50 cases before the Court of Assizes in Belgium and has pleaded before the European Court of Justice.

Nathalie Buisseret has the reputation to be one of the top (female) criminal lawyers in Belgium. Nathalie Buisseret focusses on results and has considrable track record of acquittals. She pleads as well in French as in Dutch.  Before joining SQ, she was the partner of the famous criminal lawyer Sven Mary. Recently she was interviewed in the documentary series on the Belgian television, with other top criminal lawyers in Belgium. 

Niels Van Campenhout

Niels Van Campenhout is founding partner in the Brussels based law firm SQ. He is member of the board of the international network Legal Netlink (London). As an experienced litigator and consultant he assists international companies doing business in Belgium and Europe. Niels Van Campenhout is considered an expert in mergers and acquisitions.

Niels is and experienced Attorney At Law with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. He has strong legal professional skills in International Business Law, Corporate Law, Legal Research, Legal Writing, Litigation, and Legal Advice. 

Niels Van Campenhout of SQ Brussels was the defence lawyer in the first Belgian “class action” ever.

Isabelle Slaets

Isabelle Slaets is one of the most promising young criminal lawyers in Belgium. Her passion is undoubtetly criminal law, and she assists victims as well as suspects and guides them in the complex world of the Belgian criminal law system. Her continuous effort to convince judges and public prosecutors results in a high degree of satisfaction for her clients.  focusses on criminal law in the broad sense. She has experience in all kind of criminal cases on the side of the defendant and also for the victims.
Since 2017 she is certified to litigate before the Court of Cassation.
She became a partner of SQ-LAW in 2019 and is the right hand of Nathalie BUISSERET.

The Associates​

Aline Umwali

Aline Umwali is a highly qualified and motivated litigator. Her areas cover insurance law, as well as financial and company law. She has a keen interest for conflicts in companies between shareholders and administrators, as well as between shareholders. She lectures at seminars for real estate brokers (Vivo-CIB) and other professionals that need basic or specialized legal tools in their daily business.

The academic qualifications of Aline are : University of Law Brussels (Vrije Universiteit Brussel), the University Of Thessaloniki.

Dylan Ramos

Dylan Ramos Guerreiro is a lawyer of the new generation with an affinity for social media and the digital world, changing the profession of lawyer like never before. He is fluent in Dutch, English and French and has a good knowledge of Spanish.
He was the 2nd place winner of the Jaap Doek Children’s Rights Thesis Award 2019 for his outstanding thesis ‘Protecting children’s privacy on the internet’.

The academic qualifications of Dylan are : Master at Law, Cum Laude, Free University of Brussels (VUB, 2019)

Ecem Gostek

Ecem Gostek is a highly trained multilingual litigator (Dutch, English, Turkish). Ecem is an experienced Attorney At Law with a demonstrated history of working in the law practice industry. She has strong legal professional skills in International Business Law, Corporate Law, Legal Research, Legal Writing, Litigation, and Legal Advice.

Jetze Landuyt

Jetze Landuyt descends from a family of reputated lawyers. He studied Law at the University of Ghent (UGENT, 2016).
Presently he is attending a postgraduate program ‘Corporate Finance’ at the Unversity of Leuven (KUL, 2020)
He specializes in financial and economic law litigation. With focus on contract law and tort as well as criminal and civil matters.
Since 2019 he is certified to litigate before The Supreme Court in Criminal Cases (Court of cassation).

Julie Van Houtte

Julie Van Houtte is seasoned legal expert. Before joining the Brussels bar, she was a legal consultant working for the Government. Her university education in Sociology creates an added value in her practical approach of complex legal matters. Her practice areas include corporate and commercial claims. She deals with all aspects of litigation.

The academic qualifications of Julie are : Master in Law (Free University of Brussels), Master International Relations and Diplomacy, ( University of Antwerp), Master in Sociology ( University of Ghent)

Stéphanie de Néeff

Stéphanie de Néeff worked as a premium public notary legal expert before entering the Brussels bar. Her experience in this field creates continious added value in all matters that concern companies, inheritances and other competence areas of public notaries in Belgium. Her practice areas include corporate and commercial claims. She deals with all aspects of contentious and non-contentious work.

The academic qualifications of Stéphanie are : Master at Law (European law – Economics Aspects) (Catholic University of Louvain-la-Neuve)