Sports Law

Our services range from general counsel to representation within proceedings, both domestically and internationally, before sports federation courts and arbitration.

SQ provides counsel on a variety of sports-related issues, such as the establishment and operation of associations and clubs (such as advising on different corporate forms and providing information about tax relief provided for amateur sport for both direct and indirect taxation).

We also assist with the establishment or transformation of existing institutions into companies or through the process of initial public offering (IPO).

We draft contracts between players in the sports industry (contracts of sale and transfer, image rights, sponsorship, marketing, television rights) and we resolve judicial and extrajudicial controversies of labour, discipline, commercial and administrative matters, as well as issues related to doping, intellectual property, sports field safety, tax law, training, and solidarity mechanisms.

Our clients are professional and amateur athletes of various disciplines, coaches, sports agents, professional clubs and societies and amateur sports associations, sports federations, leagues and companies that have relationships with the world of sports.