Securities and Shareholders

The group has extensive expertise in financial matters, from defending the interests of shareholders in small and large companies to representing the interests of the companies themselves.

As lawyers we can act for both parties, because it is our expertise and our drive that always remain central. We often perform for groups of victims and our financial records are generally settled amicably without procedure.

We can assist if you are a shareholder in a listed company, in a limited partnership with limited liability, or any other scenario, and we can answer questions about shares decreasing in value or being excluded altogether from the shareholding.

Perhaps you are the company yourself and you face difficult or dissatisfied shareholders. We have extensive expertise.

You may have life insurance policies that you are not able to maintain anymore. Or perhaps you are the insurer who is encountering problems with the policyholders. We can be the solution.

You may have questions regarding that life settlement you purchased when you found out that you might be facing fraud and money lost. We have extensive expertise.

We can also assist if you are an investor or have collaborated with an asset manager, a financial adviser, a personal banker or with any other financial advisor.

Even if you are a bank or financial institution and identify problems because the invested capital in whole or in part has forfeited, SQ Law can be of service.