Product Liability

SQ has earned a reputation as a premier product liability and tort litigation defence group.

For years, we have been successfully defending clients in some of the most challenging and contentious legal arenas. Our work includes litigation related to automobiles and machinery, aviation, electronics and fire protection equipment, and chemical applications. This wealth of experience has led numerous industry leaders and their subsidiaries to select SQ has national, regional and convergence counsel in critical product liability matters.

Our group offers clients the complete defence package combining years of courtroom success with state-of-the-art support services and cost-effective business solutions. Our trial lawyers’ partner with corporate counsel to ensure on-going compliance with domestic regulations, as well as document preservation requirements, in high-volume litigation scenarios. Trial teams include lawyers well versed in areas such as expert witness development, multi-jurisdictional litigation and criminal litigation.

At SQ we also provide risk assessment and risk avoidance counselling for domestic and international entities.