Immigration Law

At SQ we handle a variety of legal issues related to immigration. We can assist our clients both with the relevant public administration offices for the issuance of permits and visas and regarding disputes before the civil and criminal courts.

We regularly work to facilitate international relocations and secondments, pooling our knowledge of local rules and procedures as well as ensuring continuity of client care. We understand that speed is often a key requirement of our service and are adept at finding ways to expedite time-critical applications and resolve procedural difficulties.

We first identify and mitigate any particular risks and then devise an immigration strategy that meets your objectives and timescales. We also work closely with colleagues to ensure that all local tax, social security, administrative and employment law issues are properly addressed.

At SQ we offer advice and help obtaining visas, work permits, entry clearances, residence, citizenship and every other kind of immigration application. We provide representation before national immigration authorities and advice on a wide range of strategic and day-to-day issues. Our work also includes tailored policy documents, multi-country immigration audits and cross-border transaction support. Our service is built around good communication, speed of response and sensible, pragmatic solutions.