Human Rights

SQ is committed to human rights law and is perhaps the only large commercial law group with a dedicated human rights group.

SQ has significant experience advising pro bono clients with human rights issues and successfully acting for them in human rights related disputes.

Human rights law has become increasingly relevant and our recent experience in Europe and elsewhere suggests that businesses can no longer afford to ignore the human rights implications of their activities. Besides the obvious reputational risks, there are increasing compliance and reporting obligations that need to be satisfied.

Of course, focusing on items that do not directly manifest in this year’s financial results is not always an easy task. Yet human rights issues present opportunities — as well as challenges — for all businesses.

Our pragmatic team has the depth of expertise and the strategic approach needed to help you steer a clear and credible path between compliance obligations, human rights aspirations and your internal and external pressures.

Our experienced lawyers have a winning track record in human rights disputes and provide strategic legal advice combined with commercially focused solutions.