Company restructuring

SQ has extensive experience in assisting companies with restructuring and reorganizations.

Our advice ranges from conducting due diligence, drafting letters of intent or Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s), purchasing or selling shares, to advice and guidance for distressed companies.

For our clients we can help with the Law of Continuity of Enterprises (WCO – LCE), which aims to safeguard the continuity of enterprises by offering entrepreneurs several options if they run into financial difficulties. Even financially sound companies may have to address the consequences of having clients who apply for arrangements in the context of LCE. Companies in these situations should be perfectly aware of what their position is and what their options are. Companies with temporary liquidity problems can find in the legislation a whole range of solutions to overcome temporary problems and survive successfully. The law is a kind of first aid kit for companies that have temporary problems.

At SQ we have all the necessary experience and expertise to protect your business. Of course, we act with the utmost discretion. You will be amazed by the possibilities provided by the law, more than you could ever imagine.