Class and Mass Actions

People and businesses can group together to introduce a claim when they have something to demand from the government or from a common opponent. But companies also can face class actions, started by consumer organisations.

Class actions are not limited to financial cases, but may relate to a variety of different matters, including food, cars or drugs. Companies can also group together, for instance, when they try to oppose road works that hinder their operations.

On the other hand, companies also should be prepared for class actions against them. Since September 1st 2014, licensed consumer organisations can start a class action on behalf of all the victims belonging to such class. 

We’ve built a lot of experience over the last decades in cases involving people or companies grouping together, some of them getting the media’s attention, but others discretely arranged under the pressure of our arguments. 

On the other hand, we have assisted major companies organizing successfully their defence against those class actions. Such defence requires a complex approach including crisis communication and strategy. 

We are, or were active in, amongst others, the following cases : LERNOUT & HAUSPIE, FORTIS, DEXIA, CITIBANK, SWISSLIFE-DELTA LLOYD, THOMAS COOK, DEXIA, VOLKSWAGEN, ARCO, DEMETRIS and SEB.