Huurders ondernemingspanden kunnen classaction voeren tegen verhuurders – opinie Huurders in de professionele verhuurmarkt kreunen onder de coronacrisis en staan lijnrecht tegenover de verhuurders. Die willen geen kwijtschelding of een gevoelige vermindering van de huur. De huurders zouden zich beter verenigen in een classaction tegen de verhuurders. In de complexe doolhof van coronabesluiten is er een domein waar nood is aan […]

Corona Virus

The Corona virus is shaking the planet seriously. Important medical and economical questions arise but numerous legal questions as well. Consumers as well as companies and institutions face major legal challenges and it is important to have a reliable guide in the complex  legal landscape. People and business may lose a lot of money if […]

Bende van Nijvel – Brabant Killers

The Brabant killers, also named the ‘Bende van Nijvel‘ in Dutch-speaking media, and ‘Les Tueurs fous du Brabant ‘ in French-speaking media, are believed to be responsible for a series of violent and shocking attacks that mainly occurred in the Belgian province of Brabant between 1982 and 1985. A total of 28 people died and […]


In 2018, the Belgian State decided to oblige all citizens from the age of 12, to give their fingerprints to the Government. This bill was critized broadly because of violation of the European Treaty of Human Rights. Especially the privacy rights are under attack. SQ was consulted by activist citizens who decided to start litigation […]


The Arco case involves nearly 800.000 shareholders of four companies that were established by the most important Belgian union. The problem was that these investment companies highly depended on the Dexia holding which collapsed in 2011. As a result of that, all these people lost their savings. The case is also highly politized and the […]


The Fortis case shocked Europe in 2008. In the middle of the subprime crisis, Fortis collapsed resulting in a dismantling operation organized by the Governments of the Netherlands, Belgian and Luxemburg. SQ was the first law firm who deposited a criminal complaint by shareholders, represented by SQ founding partner Geert G.R. Lenssens. SQ conducted many […]

MSK – Malevich and Kandinsky Case

In 2018 SQ founding partners Geert G.R. Lenssensand Niels Van Campenhout were consulted by international art dealers (London – New York) and art collectors who visited an exhibition at the Museum van Schone Kunsten, Ghent (MSK). In this exhibition, a series of undiscovered masterpieces attributed to Russian Modernists like Malevich and Kandinsky were presented to […]


In Europe Volkswagen sold approximately 8.5 million cars with the so called “tamper software” and nearly 400.000 of these cars were sold in Belgium. Nearly 400.000 consumer and companies suffered serious damage. Apart from the serious environmental impact, the second hand diesel market collapsed. Volkswagen organized a recall, but the damage was irreversible. In May […]

Dieselgate: lawyers back legal action for Europeans affected by the scandal By Maria Psara Four years after the ‘Dieselgate’ scandal came to light, Europeans affected by it remain out in the cold. To address this, Dutch organisation Diesel Emissions Justice Foundation (DEJF) has gathered international experts and lawyers all over Europe to run a case against Volkswagen AG. They launched their call for collective action […]

Nederlandse stichting start offensief tegen Volkswagen Door Ilse De Winne Er ontpopt zich een Europees initiatief om Volkswagen ook hier tot een schikking te dwingen in verband met het dieselschandaal. Een Nederlandse stichting wil in verschillende EU-landen rechtszaken starten om de autobouwer op de knieën te krijgen. Bij een schikking wil ze die via een Nederlandse wet meteen in heel […]