Art Law

Art law is a combination of legal concepts geared towards coping with the issues related to art creation, ownership and transactions.

SQ offers experienced counsel to European and international clients in numerous art-related matters including acquisition, sale and charitable disposition of works of art.

Founding partner Geert G.R. Lenssens is an art afficionado which gives him a unique approach to solve complex discussions in art matters. Conflicts in art are not exceptional and relate to forgery, customs, money laundery, valuations between art dealers and clients, museums, auction houses and collectors.

With over more than 35 years of work in art-related legal matters, we have developed both the knowledge and the relationships throughout the field that are essential to effective representation. We have counselled a wide range of clients including art dealers, non-profit organizations, artists, estates and trusts, private collectors, film producers and restorers.

We address all the key issues involving original works of art and reproductions, from dealers’ duties and rights to artists’ estates, copyright issues and international tax matters.

We also assist with provenance related claims; utilizing access to leading experts; and addressing the various state and international legal standards, statutes and applicable treaties.