Mediation and Arbitration

Arbitration and mediation are an alternative to litigation in the courts and are commonly used to resolve complex commercial disputes. Here, one or more independent third parties are appointed as arbitrators to resolve a dispute in place of a court of law.

SQ is in constant search of alternatives for classic litigation. Litigation may be necessary in some cases, but it should remain a tool in stead of an objective. Alternative dispute resolutions (ADS) offer a wide range of sophisticated techniques creating unexpected solutions in many conflict situations.

SQ has been engaged in arbitration and mediation since the foundation of the practice. Clients have long relied on our professionals both in Belgium and throughout our international network.

As a deputy judge in the commercial court, founding partner Geert G.R. Lenssens has an extended experience in judging complex litigation matters. Together with his long experience as a lawyer and as a mediator, it enables him to find the right and objective legal answers and solutions in the matters that are presented to him as an arbiter.

We offer our clients an unrivalled array of services in arbitration and alternative dispute resolution, with a special know-how in areas such as banking, insurance, mergers and acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, bankruptcy, labour and administrative law (i.e. litigation related to acts of the public authority, decisions of government agencies etc.).