CORSAN was one of the largest tax shelter companies in Belgium producing movies with actors like John TRAVOLTA, Robert DE NIRO and Liam NEESON. In 2016 it appeared that the group had major financial problems and a criminal investigation was started. Arrests followed and  soon many irregularities were found.  Starting from 2017 and ongoing to […]


FNG was one of the largest fashion trading companies in Europe incorporating many brands such as CLAUDIA STRÄTER, Miss ETAM, BRANTANO, FRED & GINGER and others. In the summer of 2020 it appeared that the group had major financial problems and the Belgium stock authority  called FSMA, discovered serious irregularities in the financial reporting of […]

Optima Bank

OPTIMA BANK was a young Belgian bank with headquarters in Brussels and in Ghent . In 2016 the National Bank of Belgium (NBB)  claimed to have found irregularities after a long lasting investigation. The licence of the bank was withdrawn and as a consequence the bank went bankrupt leaving thousands of clients with high losses. […]

Swiss Life – Kempar

Around 2011 more than 500 victims of a unit linked insurances scam consulted  Mr. Geert LENSSENS and SQ LAW. It appeared that hundreds of families had invested their money in the financial product containing a loan and unit linked life insurances and they were dealing wit a local bank called KEMPAR and SWISS LIFE BELGIUM. […]


Around  2012 SQ and Mr. Geert LENSSENS represented a large group of private consumer investors who purchased specific financial products through CITIBANK. The  bank decided to leave the Belgian market after this scandal en was purchased by BEO BANK. After a litigation a settlement was found between all investors and the bank in which investors […]