Corona Virus

The Corona virus is shaking the planet seriously. Important medical and economical questions arise but numerous legal questions as well. Consumers as well as companies and institutions face major legal challenges and it is important to have a reliable guide in the complex  legal landscape. People and business may lose a lot of money if they don’t act properly and bankruptcies may follow. We already received questions regarding the ‘force majeure’ , ‘MAC’ and and ‘hardship’ clauses in running agreements, provisions in future agreements that yet have to be closed, discussions with insurance companies in many branches of our global economy,  events or concerts and flights being cancelled or the supply chain that is broken. Therefore at SQ we established a Corona Legal Task Force (CLTF) lead by Mr. Geert G.R. Lenssens  that will answer all your questions and will be working together with other legal experts around the globe through our strong lawfirm networks. Don’t hesitate to contact us at 

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