Bende van Nijvel – Brabant Killers

The Brabant killers, also named the ‘Bende van Nijvel‘ in Dutch-speaking media, and ‘Les Tueurs fous du Brabant ‘ in French-speaking media, are believed to be responsible for a series of violent and shocking attacks that mainly occurred in the Belgian province of Brabant between 1982 and 1985. A total of 28 people died and […]


In 2018, the Belgian State decided to oblige all citizens from the age of 12, to give their fingerprints to the Government. This bill was critized broadly because of violation of the European Treaty of Human Rights. Especially the privacy rights are under attack. SQ was consulted by activist citizens who decided to start litigation […]


The Arco case involves nearly 800.000 shareholders of four companies that were established by the most important Belgian union. The problem was that these investment companies highly depended on the Dexia holding which collapsed in 2011. As a result of that, all these people lost their savings. The case is also highly politized and the […]